Oxford University's student society for

the Modern Greats: Philosophy, Politics and Economics


Dear all,

Hilary Term 2021 is on path to be, at least for most of us, yet another online term during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, over the past months we have learned to adapt to this new environment. Therefore, we will continue to remain flexible and provide a space where ideas from philosophy, politics and economics can be shared and discussed.


We continue to highlight the most pressing issue in our talks and events and welcome you all to join in, either live or through the recordings on our Facebook page, and to ask the speakers the questions most interesting to you. On top of that, we will also aim to bring the community of current and former PPE students closer together by creating connecting events and enabling each other to share our experiences.


So, keep in touch with the society and find our livestreams via our Facebook page and join our mailing list to keep updated about what societies dedicated to philosophy, politics, and economics are doing around the world. Very best wishes, and I hope you are staying safe and well.


Mika-Erik Möser

President HT 21