Oxford University's student society for

the Modern Greats: Philosophy, Politics and Economics



Dear all,

I'm incredibly excited to have the opportunity to serve as President of the Oxford PPE Society for Michaelmas Term 2022. Michaelmas is always one of the most anticipated and dynamic terms in Oxford, and I hope that the Oxford PPE Society can live up to that.


This upcoming term we are very focused on delivering as many in-person events as possible, and we are aiming to host at least one in-person speaker each week with guests from across the disciplines of philosophy, politics and economics. We are also keen to expand our range of social events, and to continue on the success of Bottles & Banter as a new addition to Oxford's social scene in Hilary and Trinity 2022. In doing so, we hope to provide a friendly and academically enriching hub for PPEists and anyone else interested in any of the PPE subjects.


To get involved, go ahead and follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join our mailing list. We'll be around at the Oxford SU Freshers' Fair and will be releasing our termcard at the start of term, so make sure to look out for us. I hope you enjoy the term and take all the chances there are to be part of one of Oxford's largest and most interesting subject societies!


Very best wishes, 


Andrew Smailes

President, MT22